horizon technologies with Brian Pope

Horizon Technologies attended the Mediterranean Border Security conference in Rome on October 11, 2016 hosted by the Department for International Trade, Defense and Security Organisation at Villa Wolkonsky.

The continuing instability in Libya means the tragic circumstances in the Mediterranean are still recurrent and the effects are being felt across Central and Western Europe all the way to the France-UK Border of Calais and Scandinavia. This event showcased innovative services and technology aimed at resolving the difficulties of the current migrant crisis with an opportunity to meet representatives of the relevant forces from Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain.

The event also focused on other aspects of border security such as the smuggling of drugs, explosives and illegal goods at the border as well as counter-terrorism. It was announced during the event that Horizon Technologies’ FlyingFish has been responsible for saving 7,000 refugee lives in the Mediterranean during October of 2016.

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