Horizon Technologies At Singapore Airshow

Changi, Singapore—Horizon Technologies to introduce Xtender to our Asian customers at the Singapore Airshow, February 6th to 11th. FlyingFish™ Airborne Satellite Phone Monitoring System Xtender, it is a proven affordable solution turning UAVs into powerful SIGINT platforms. It is a transformational system consisting of Horizon Technologies’ small proprietary Xtender module (<.5 kg) and unique antennas for unmanned airborne platforms – extending the range of FlyingFish™ for detection of handsets/terminals.

FlyingFish™ is a key sensor for:

  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Counter-Piracy
  • Fisheries Protection
  • Human Trafficking
  • Narcotics Interdiction

Xtender changes the way SIGINT is used on the battlefield, so now units as small as company-sized will he able to get critical data in real time without waiting for a strategic asset. Even the smallest UAVs have full airborne SIGINT capabilities as if the system was on board.

The Horizon Technologies team looks forward to engaging with show attendees, and scheduling UAV demos to demonstrate our new Xtender in action.

Every two years, high-level government and military delegations, as well as senior corporate executives around the world attend the Singapore Airshow to forge partnerships and seal deals in this region. As Asia’s largest Airshow, this is the place to be for leading aerospace companies and budding players eager to make their mark in the international aerospace and defence market!

We will also be highlighting our Xpod for manned aircraft which turns almost any aircraft into an ISR platform.  We are especially eager to engage with our Asian customers and industrial partners in addressing their unique requirements.

Horizon Technologies At Singapore Airshow sigint xtender

Horizon Technologies is the world leader in airborne satellite (SAT) phone monitoring systems for ISR applications, equipping governments worldwide by enhancing their SIGINT capabilities. They are the OEM for the FlyingFish™ SIGINT system which is flying on more than 30 platforms worldwide. They participate daily in SAR missions via NATO and FRONTEX in the Mediterranean Sea, counter-piracy operations off the coast of East Africa and are heavily involved in international operations in the Levant and in Northern Africa. They have offices in the United Kingdom, USA and other parts of Europe along with a worldwide network of sales representatives. FlyingFish™ has been in production since 2014, is manufactured in the UK, and is available worldwide for customers desiring an affordable, proven, ISR product.

As our customers say, “If it’s worth a Mission, it’s worth a FlyingFish™”

For more information, visit www.HorizonTechnologies.eu
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