London, UK—In December of 2018, Horizon Technologies was awarded a major contract from a leading European OEM for its FlyingFish™ airborne SIGINT system. The multi-million-dollar program includes potential future options which could reach approximately £15 Million, and is for a large number of aircraft for a NATO country. The FlyingFish™ configuration chosen will be our tri-band solution allowing for the host government to legally and simultaneously monitor the Thuraya, Isat and Iridium Sat Phone networks. 

“More and more countries are installing airborne Sat Phone SIGINT and FlyingFish™ on their ISR aircraft,” notes John Beckner, Founder and CEO of Horizon Technologies. “FlyingFish™ remains a key tool in the fight against piracy, refugee rescue and counter terrorism. FlyingFish™ is the only exportable and fully airborne-qualified Sat Phone SIGINT system on the market today.”

The 10 Year Anniversary of EUNAVFOR’s Operational ATALANTA was on 20 December 2018. Joining the fight against East African piracy five years ago with airborne operations on numerous multi-national airborne platforms, Horizon Technologies’ FlyingFish™ became one of the key sensors in drastically reducing East African piracy. While operational details are classified, the use of the passive FlyingFish™ system has had a dramatic effect in disrupting the pirates’ communications, forcing a change in their tactics and locating and targeting them on the high seas. Beckner notes “Horizon Technologies is proud of the pivotal role it has played and is still playing today in Operation ATALANTA.”

2018 was a successful year for Horizon Technologies. We:

Had a 40% increase in sales compared to 2017

Added two new major Aerospace OEM customers (US and EU), and one major new North African end-user

Installed our systems in two new manned-aircraft platforms/types

Were awarded a £500,000 Innovate UK Grant for use by our new subsidiary Horizon Space Technologies to develop the ground station for our upcoming commercial space-based SIGINT data product: AMBER

Started the first airborne testing of our transformational Xtender SIGINT Technology on a rotary-wing UAV

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