NATO Mediterranean refugees

Due to the increased success of the use of FlyingFish™ in support of NATO and EU Frontex missions, a NATO customer has ordered FlyingFish™ for immediate deployment on airborne ISR platforms in the Mediterranean. This $1 Million contract is part of an UOR (Urgent Operational Requirement) and deliveries will commence shortly.

Horizon is also pleased to announce the development of our new FTI (FlyingFish™ Tactical Interface) software which allows FlyingFish™ to be seamlessly installed as “another tactical sensor” into current NATO and non-NATO tactical mission software packages. FTI offers a number of new features based on operational experience and utilization in combat operations. In the near future, we will be announcing the integration of FTI into an all new FlyingFish™ software package expected in 2Q 2017 as well as the first missions of FlyingFish™ Xtender on UAVs.

According to Frontex data, 364,000 migrants arrived in Europe in 2016. Of those coming by sea, 60% of these individuals were rescued at sea with some involvement from Horizon Technologies’ FlyingFish™. Horizon Technologies looks forward to continuing to support our customers in their humanitarian and intelligence-related operational missions.

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