3rd Generation (SD)

Airborne Satellite Phone Monitoring System


Horizon Technologies to exhibit at DSEI 2017. FlyingFish, Airborne Satellite Monitoring System. Affordable SIGINT solution for manned and unmanned ISR platforms

FlyingFish™ is a Proven Affordable SIGINT Solution for Manned and Unmanned ISR Platforms

Simultaneous and Passive Monitoring of:

  • Thuraya
  • Iridium
  • IsatPhone Pro
  • L-Band Uplink and Downlink Signals
  • Integrated AIS/GPS Receiver for Maritime Operations
  • Integrated Airborne LNA/Filter Set

FlyingFish™ SD is Horizon Technologies’ 3rd Generation Airborne Satellite Monitoring System (ASMS). It enables governments to passively monitor satellite communications from airborne ISR platforms. FlyingFish™ is a UK Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product, and is non-ITAR.

FlyingFish™ is a proven Airborne Satellite Monitoring System (ASMS), designed to passively and SIMULTANEOUSLY monitor Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro networks. The system will detect and intercept terminal and call activity within radio line-of-sight including: voice, fax, data and SMS (where available).

The main advantage of FlyingFish™ as an airborne system is increased interception ranges up to 400 km or 250 nm (altitude and environment dependent) of the satellite terminal uplink due to better line of sight. FlyingFish™ can also be used for vehicular and shipborne applications.

The 3rd Generation FlyingFish™ is able to SIMULTANEOUSLY monitor Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro SAT phones. The system is capable of monitoring a total of 64 duplex channels, 32 Thuraya channels and 32 IsatphonePro mode channels.

The system also incorporates an optional integrated AIS/GPS receiver for maritime applications. This is especially valuable for correlating AIS tracks with Sat Phone calls at sea. The receiver will be able to process AIS message formats de ned within the internationally accepted standards for AIS equipment. Our AIS receiver utilizes a software-de ned radio architecture supporting four (4) AIS receivers tunable over the marine VHF band (156-163 MHz).

The system now has a full remote control option via datalink/ethernet. Due to the powerful embedded processor in FlyingFish™, users are now able to run their own tactical mission software on FlyingFish™, and no longer need a separate LRU.

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