Airborne Satellite Phone Monitoring System


FlyingFish Airborne Satellite Monitoring System

FlyingFish™ is a Proven Solution for Naval SIGINT Missions

Passive Monitoring of:

  • Thuraya
  • Iridium
  • IsatPhone Pro
  • L-Band Downlink of Local Spot Beams
  • L-Band Satellite Telephones Within Line of Sight

Horizon Technologies has developed FlyingFish™(N) to allow government customers to passively monitor Satellite phones at sea. FlyingFish™(N) is a development of our successful standard airborne FlyingFish™(N) SIGINT system used by governments and intelligence agencies worldwide. FlyingFish™(N) is a UK COTS product and is non-ITAR.

FlyingFish™ (N) is a passive SIGINT system to locate and passively monitor Sat Phones at sea.

The FlyingFish™(N) operator is able to toggle between the appropriate software and appropriate antennae for  Thuraya, Iridium or IsatPhone-Pro networks. Monitoring of the two networks simultaneously is possible, but requires our new FlyingFish™(S) unit.

FlyingFish™(N) can be deployed on naval surface ships, covert intelligence vessels, submarines, and surface or sub launched small UAV’s.

FlyingFish™(N) customers can provide their own COTS downlink and uplink antennae. Horizon Technologies can also advise on appropriate specifications, and also can provide the complete system kits.

Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone-Pro monitoring

The GPS location of all activity is recorded and its position can be displayed on an interactive map within the Graphical User Interface (GUI). This mapping functionality is based on the industry standard ArcGIS software produced by ESRI. Maps with finer detail and even satellite images can be incorporated into the interface. The GPS accuracy is approximately 6m.

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