Horizon Technologies BlackFish Airborne Sat Phone Monitoring System

Tri-Band Sat Phone SIGINT System monitoring:

•  Iridium
•  Thuraya
•  Inmarsat (Isatphone Pro)

The BlackFish™ Airborne Sat Phone SIGINT System is our very successful 4th Generation Airborne Sat Phone Surveillance System which enables governments to simultaneously and passively monitor Iridium, Thuraya, Inmarsat (IsatPhone Pro) Sat Phone communications from ISR platforms (ground, sea, and air).

The new BlackFish™ is an idea adjunct solution for those countries possessing strategic SIGINT systems. The system operates in the L-band coverage area, and when combined with airborne EO/IR, provides essential “eyes on target” which is so crucial to today’s missions.


The system will detect and intercept terminal and call activity within radio line-of-sight including voice, fax, data, SMS, SBD and Iridium GMDSS. It provides remote L-band capability for those operators of strategic systems. Many users will combine BlackFish™ with strategic SIGINT systems. BlackFish™ data is integrated seamlessly into current SIGINT databases.

Increased Interception Ranges

The main advantage of BlackFish™ as an airborne system is increased interception ranges up to 200 km or 108 nm (altitude and environment dependent) of the satellite terminal uplink due to a better line of sight. BlackFish™ can also be used for vehicular and shipborne applications.

Simultaneously Monitors Iridium, Thuraya,
and Inmarsat (IsatPhone Pro)

BlackFish™ is able to simultaneously monitor Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat (IsatPhone Pro) Sat Phones. The system is capable of monitoring a total of 50 duplex channels or 100 simplex channels.

Mission Software

Horizon Technologies offers a complete mission software as standard which can be used to integrate BlackFish™ capabilities into any aircraft tactical mission system as a situation awareness tactical picture.

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