Space-based Maritime SIGINT Solutions

Horizon Technologies’ Amber™ constellation provides subscribers with powerful space-based maritime domain awareness intelligence information. Amber™ detects and defines vessels’ RF emissions such as AIS, L-band phones and datalinks and maritime radars. The Amber™ constellation real commercial signals intelligence from these emitters; not merely “RF mapping”.

Our Amber-2 Phoenix Mission is sponsored by the UK Space Agency.

UK Space Agency

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First of 6 to be launched 2024
Gigbytes of data sent to each ground stations per pass
Non-cooperative emitters located and defined every day around the globe
Heading amber

Based decades of experience in the aerospace and SIGINT world with our successful FlyingFish™ and BlackFish™ business, we are able to leverage this technology and essentially base it in space on small CubeSats. Our proprietary and patented algorithms are used to not only geolocate emitters, but demodulate them, and provide real information for our global user base. Our satellites are always on and their reach is worldwide 24/7.

Horizon Technologies’ Amber™ data is unique:

  • Satellite blue

    Geolocation from single CubeSats based on data extracted from the signal; not just energy

  • Cloud data blue

    Real intelligence data from emitters to even include content and metadata where allowed under local statue

  • 24 hour blue

    Amber™ is “always on,” and “always collecting.”
 Users selected their required data set, and 
geographical requirement from EEZ to worldwide

Horizon Technologies’ Amber will provide space-based maritime domain Intelligence solutions for any user, and any environment.