SIGINT for Traditional ISR

Manned and Unmanned ISR aircraft monitor a large number of RF emissions. Sat Phone geolocations and communications provide intelligence to governments operating sunch aircraft.


Countries can either buy expensive highly classified and hard to export systems, or dual-use commerical systems FlyingFish™ and BlackFish™

Aircraft types flying FF/BF
Tactical intercepts per month/per aircraft
Successful ISR missions which included the use of a FF/BF

Horizon Technologies’ systems are a key component of many ISR aircraft; fixed and rotary-win.

Aircraft monitoring

FlyingFish™ and BlackFish™ are used all over the world on Allied ISR aircraft monitoring and obtaining critical SIGINT intelligence.

With Amber™, much of this data can be obtained in near real time via subscription and will complement the airborne solutions.

Blackfish box

Since its inception in 2021, BlackFish™ is quickly gaining market share to replace our legacy FlyingFish™ systems in the field, and equip new users with this state-of-the art technology.