SIGINT for Counter Piracy and Illegal Fishing control

There are no GSM networks at sea so Sat Phones are widely used for communication at sea.


Pirates call Mother Ships and sources in Europe to ascertain value of targeted ships. Illegal fishing fleets coordinate their activities use Sat Phones.

Reduction in the number of attacks since FlyingFish™ was introduced
Reduction in costs to shipping since introduction of FlyingFish™
Pirates captured due to the use of FlyingFish™

Aircraft with FlyingFish™ have been active over the past decade as the key tool to reducing piracy and controlling illegal fishing.

Horizon Technologies’ systems were used simply by comparing AIS locations with Sat Phone GPS locations. Where there was no AIS and Sat Phone calls, illegal activity was  occuring

Piracy ship

Aircraft with FlyingFish™ and BlackFish™ are proven solutions to these problems with UAV’s soon to join the fight.
 When the Amber™ constellation is operational, this data can be received near time via a data subscription.

Blackfish box

Since its inception in 2021, BlackFish™ is quickly gaining market share to replace our legacy FlyingFish™ systems in the field, and equip new users with this state-of-the art technology.