Airborne SIGINT Solutions

Horizon Technologies is a world leader in airborne SIGINT solutions; both in the air via manned and unmanned aircraft as well as in space. Horizon Technologies Aerospace solutions geolocate and monitor satellite phone networks for ISR missions. Horizon Technologies Space provides space-based Maritime Domain Awareness data to government and commercial customers.

BlackFish™ Demonstration with Airborne Technologies

Approximately 100 systems delivered and being used worldwide
Refugees rescued worldwide using Horizon Technologies’ products
Different aircraft, helicopters, vehicles, ships and other applications.

Horizon Technologies’ BlackFish™ SIGINT system is our 4th generation airborne Sat Phone SIGINT system, and monitors the Thuraya, ISAT, and Iridium Sat Phone networks. Monitoring L-band Sat Phones is a key component of ISR missions, and Horizon Technologies’ BlackFish is small and light weight. It is fully DO-160 airborne qualified for the harshest fixed and rotary-wing airborne environments.

Tri-Band Sat Phone SIGINT System monitoring

  • Signal blue

    Simultaneously monitor Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat Sat Phones. Capable of monitoring a total of 50 duplex channels or 100 simplex channels.

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    As an airborne system interception ranges up to 200 km or 108 nmof the satellite terminal uplink due to a better line of sight.

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    Complete mission software as standard which can be used to integrate BlackFish™ capabilities into any aircraft tactical mission system.

Horizon Technologies provides solutions for any user, and any environment.

Our BlackFish™ and legacy FlyingFish™ systems are deployed in the air, on land (vehicle mount), on towers, and on vessels. Even better, they can be networked into a single integrated system for geolocating and monitoring L-band Sat Phone traffic.

Our Amber™ space-based maritime intelligence data network provides geolocations and demodulated data from maritime L-band Sat Phones and datalinks, S and S band maritime radars, and AIS.

Blackfish is a proven system

Designed to passively and SIMULTANEOUSLY monitor Iridium, Thuraya, and Inmarsat (IsatPhone Pro) sat phones. The system will detect and intercept target terminals, and call activity within radio line-of-sight.

Blackfish hardware

BlackFish™ uses state-of-the-art technology and is based on a Software Defined Radio (SDR), equipped with powerful CPU and GPU processing capacity, a passively cooled system ensuring maximal reliability and performance. The system has no moving parts which ensures reliability during operation in extreme conditions.


Proven airborne SIGINT system flying on numerous aircraft worldwide

  • Fully DO-160 airborne qualified

  • Monitors Thuraya and ISAT Pro networks

  • Includes software to seamless integration with tactical mission systems

  • Non-ITAR


Small, lightweight, and proven airborne SIGINT system to replace FlyingFish™

  • Fully DO-160 airborne qualified

  • Monitors Thuraya, ISAT Pro and Iridium networks

  • Includes software to seamless integration with tactical mission systems

  • Non-ITAR