SIGINT for Non-cooperative Maritime asset tracking

Ships are tracked around the world via their AIS transponders. These transponders are cooperative. They only function if turned on, and/or not spoofed.

Oil Tanker

There are other ways to track maritime traffic by their RF emissions; datalinks and radars; even if their AIS transponders are turned off or transmitting incorrect location data. These vessles can either be tracked by aircraft and/or satellites.

ships being tracked by AIS at any one time
ships who have turned off their AIS for some reason
of those ships who are still emitting some type of RF signal

Using Amber™ data, governments and fleet operators not only can track via AIS and data transmissions “to base,” but through their L-band communications and maritime radars.

Maritime asset tracking

Amber™ data will allow companies and governments to track and geolocate vessels in near real time.

In addition, any suspect Sat Phone calls at sea without a corresponding AIS ping can be used to warn vessels of the presence of potential pirates.

Amber cubesat

AIS is a cooperative system. Amber™ allows users to track vessels using uncooperative means by picking up the vessels’ RF signals. L-band emitters like Sat Phones and X/S Band Maritime radars are all geolocated and tracking using Amber™ data. Customers can access our data library or create their own.