A Space-Based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Data Product

Amber - A Space-based Maritime Domain Awareness Product (Brochure)

Space-Based Maritime Domain Awareness
Data As A Service (DAAS)

  • AIS
  • Sat Phone SIGINT
  • Unique ESM Capability
  • RF Signal Geolocation from CubeSats

Fighting: Piracy, Illegal Transshipments, Illegal Fishing and Refugee Smuggling

AMBER is Horizon Technologies’ Constellation of CubeSats, and a Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Data As A Service (DAAS) which will launch in 2020.

Together with UK Government, we will be launching our first 6U CubeSat platform on a AAC Clyde Space bus. The first launch is part of the Satellite Application Catapult’s In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) program. The AMBER payload will be able to locate and track vessels worldwide by picking up their electronic emissions using the L-band SatPhone detection sensor package derived from the existing FlyingFish™ system, combined with an AIS receiver. In addition, the Amber CubeSats will have X and S-band sensors to detect, geolocate and classify maritime radars, and correlate these signals against the presence of AIS beacons.

The Amber constellation will work together with Horizon Technologies’ Amber Processing Center (APC), partially funded by Innovate UK in 2018, to provide end-to-end data services linked to illegal maritime activity to customers worldwide. The APC will be operational by the time AMBER-1 is launched in 2020. The satellite bus will be supplied by Glasgow-based AAC Clyde Space and will be deployed into orbit from the International Space Station by launch provider Nanoracks.

Horizon Technologies has chosen to base its APC co-located with our UK Government partner and sponsor, The National Maritime Information Centre (NMIC) in Portsmouth.

Outside of the maritime environment, many of our current customers are interested in the detection (and tracking) of a variety of military RF emitters, and Amber will be addressing this market as our constellation grows in the near future.

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