FlyingFish™ 3rd Generation (S)

Airborne Satellite Monitoring System


Horizon Technologies to exhibit at DSEI 2017. FlyingFish, Airborne Satellite Monitoring System. Affordable SIGINT solution for manned and unmanned ISR platforms

FlyingFish™ is a Proven Affordable SIGINT Solution for Manned and Unmanned ISR Platforms

Passive Monitoring of:

  • Thuraya
  • IsatPhone Pro
  • L-Band Uplink and Downlink Signals
  • Integrated Airborne LNA/Filter Set

FlyingFish™ is Horizon Technologies’ 3rd Generation Airborne Satellite
Monitoring System (ASMS). It enables governments to passively monitor
satellite communications from airborne ISR platforms. FlyingFish™ is a UK
Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product, and is non-ITAR.

The main advantage of FlyingFish™ as an airborne system is increased interception ranges up to 400 km or 250 nm (altitude and environment dependent) of the satellite terminal uplink due to better line of sight. FlyingFish™ can also be used for vehicular and shipborne applications.

FlyingFish™ 3rd Generation (S) is able to monitor Thuraya and IsatPhone Pro SAT phones. The system is capable of monitoring a total of 32 duplex channels. The system now has a full remote control option via datalink/ethernet. Due to the powerful embedded processor in FlyingFish™, users are now able to run their own tactical mission software on FlyingFish™, and no longer need a separate LRU.

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