Sat Phone SIGINT For Small UAVs

FlyingFish Xtender Airborne Satellite Monitoring System

A Proven, Affordable Solution Turning UAVs Into Powerful SIGINT Platforms.

Xtender is a transformational system consisting of Horizon Technologies’ small Xtender proprietary processing module (<.5 kg) and unique antennas for unmanned airborne platforms—extending the range of FlyingFish™ for detection of handsets/terminals (uplinks).

Whether installed on Manned Aircraft or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), FlyingFish™ detection of Sat Phone handsets (uplinks) is currently limited by Line Of Sight (LOS) and many UAVs do not have the capacity to support the weight of the FlyingFish™ system.

Xtender solves this problem. Even the smallest (hand-launched) UAVs are now potential SIGINT platforms. Xtender uses a proven and tested proprietary method of sending all the call data (location, metadata, and audio) back to a modified 3rd Generation FlyingFish™ system which functions as though it is within LOS of the handset. The system can be used with 3rd party special signals software under export license.

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