Counter Piracy

There are no cell phone towers at sea. Pirates use a variety of means to communicate; radio and Sat Phones.

One of their key requirements is to find out “what is in the target vessel; how valuable is it?” The only way they can do that quickly is to call their contacts in Europe. Radios can’t be used for this. So, before every attack, there is always a Sat Phone call to Europe to get information on the vessel’s cargo before they decide to attack. FlyingFish™ was the key tool used to stop pirates off the coast of East Africa by locating these calls in the middle of the ocean.

Reduction in the number of attacks since FlyingFish™ was introduced
Reduction in costs to shipping since introduction of FlyingFish™
Pirates captured due to the use of FlyingFish™
Piracy feet

A NATO Commander made the comment, “before we had FlyingFish™, the pirates would pick up our radars hundreds of miles away and know we were looking for them; they would appear as innocent fishermen. Now, we never turn the radar on anymore. We just look for Sat Phone signals without AIS, and they go up and use the EO/IR sensor.”

Barbed wire

Small, lightweight, and proven airborne SIGINT system to replace FlyingFish™

  • Fully DO-160 airborne qualified

  • Monitors Thuraya, ISAT Pro and Iridium networks

  • Includes software to seamless integration with tactical mission systems

  • Non-ITAR

Blackfish box transparent

Since its inception in 2021, BlackFish™ is quickly gaining market share to replace our legacy FlyingFish™ systems in the field, and equip new users with this state-of-the art technology.