Military ISR

Sat Phones are a key tool for communications which military forces need to monitor and geolocate.

ISR aircraft have a wide range of sensors; EO/IR cameras, SIGINT systems to pick up various radios, and systems to monitor and locate target GSM phones. For every ISR aircraft, one of those key sensors is FlyingFish™ which picks up and geolocates and monitors Sat Phones. As targets tend to use different Sat Phone networks, customers need systems which can monitor a variety of Sat Phone networks in use worldwide.

Aircraft types flying FF/BF
Tactical intercepts per month/per aircraft
Successful ISR missions which included the use of a FF/BF
Boat at night

“Before we started using FlyingFish™, the terrorists could plan an attack within a few days. With FlyingFish™, they have to communicate with pen and paper, and it takes them a month to plan their operations.”

Traditional ISR

Small, lightweight, and proven airborne SIGINT system to replace FlyingFish™

  • Fully DO-160 airborne qualified

  • Monitors Thuraya, ISAT Pro and Iridium networks

  • Includes software to seamless integration with tactical mission systems

  • Non-ITAR

Blackfish box transparent

Since its inception in 2021, BlackFish™ is quickly gaining market share to replace our legacy FlyingFish™ systems in the field, and equip new users with this state-of-the art technology.