Refugee Rescue

Before boarding their vessels, refugees from N. Africa are always given a Sat Phone from their smuggler, and told, once you’re at sea, call the pre-programmed number for the Italian Coast Guard.

The problem is that the refugees can call the Italian Coast Guard, but they have no idea where they are at sea, and at night. Luckily, NATO and the EU have aircraft in place which patrol the Med. and pick up and geolocate these calls.

FlyingFish™ in Operation
FlyingFish™ Sorties
Refugees rescued due to FlyingFish™
Refugee girl

A NATO user came up to our stand recently at a tradeshow, and pointed at FlyingFish™, and said, this system has saved “many thousands of lives.” You are providing a lifesaving capability and you and your company should be very proud.”

Refugees boat

Small, lightweight, and proven airborne SIGINT system to replace FlyingFish™

  • Fully DO-160 airborne qualified

  • Monitors Thuraya, ISAT Pro and Iridium networks

  • Includes software to seamless integration with tactical mission systems

  • Non-ITAR

Blackfish box transparent

Since its inception in 2021, BlackFish™ is quickly gaining market share to replace our legacy FlyingFish™ systems in the field, and equip new users with this state-of-the art technology.